Oona Libens / Nausea – un documentario di ombre sul mare

16 Marzo 2018 presso Ciclofficina Unza!

NAUSEA is a poetic-scientific performance, a live documentary about the sea visualized by means of shadows and projections. The soundtrack is played from a reel-to-reel recorder and several analogue projectors cast extra layers on the screen.
The used lamplights throw dancing shadows on the roof and walls, making the whole space move. As an episode of an outdated documentary, an indifferent-sounding narrator guides the audience from the vibrant and glittering surface to the dark and gloomy bottom of the sea, underway informing them about the most interesting marine lifestyles. Nausea was made during an artist-in-residence at the former fishing house Kråkeslottet in northern Norway.
durata 30′:


+ proiezione curata dall’artista di film che hanno influenzato il suo lavoro

+ musica Giuseppe Nevsky Chito / Unzalab

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