Kaledoshock n.2 >>>> Il Cinema di Chris H. Lynn

Giovedi 15 Giugno >>>> ore 21.30  >>>>>
Ciclofficina Unza >>>> via Graziano Imperatore 40, angolo L. Bianchi D’Espinosa
Kaleidoshock N.2 >>> il Cinema di Chris H. Lynn.
Chris H. Lynn. ospite di UnzaLab proietterà:
– Ships passing on the Huangpu River (video, 2008-2013)
– London 5: Unknown Year (super8 trasferito in video, 2007)
– Journal of Drifting Hours (series) (super8):
Winter Trees (2012-2014, super8)
Late Autumn, Early Winter (2013-2014, super8)
A Windy Season (2016-2017, super8)
November Sunday (2013, super8)
December in Normandie (2015, super8)
– Jiangsu/France reels with Field Recordings (video)
Chris H. Lynn is a moving image maker and sound artist.. His digital images and Super 8 films capture the subtle rhythms of movement, light, and sound in urban and rural landscapes. His work has been screened and exhibited in a variety of venues around the globe and has recently been featured in the book Cinema and the AudioVisual Imagination by Robert Robertson published by I.B Tauris.
His sound work consists of field recordings, minimal compositions and audio from his films. These recordings have been documented and released on various netlabels and appeared on radio.

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